Monsters Weekly 229 - Where is my Program Main method?

The new project templates in .NET 6 make use of Top Level statements, a feature that was introduced in C#9. The code generated by these new templates looks quite a bit different when compared to .NET 5 and you might be asking yourself ‘Where is my Program Main method!??’. Let’s dig in and find out!

Top-Level Statements -

.NET 6 Project Template Changes -

ILSpy VS Code Extension -

Monsters Weekly 228 - New ASP.NET Minimal Templates

.NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 come with new and, very interesting, project templates. In this video we take a look at the templates and where everything went.

Monsters Weekly 227 - Improved LINQ Methods in .NET 6

In a previous episode, we looked at some new LINQ methods coming to .NET 6 (Chunk, MinBy, MaxBy). There’s even more LINQ goodness coming to .NET 6 with helpful overloads to existing LINQ Methods (FirstOrDefault, SingleOrDefault, LastOrDefault, ElementAtOrDefault, Take, ElementAt).

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Monsters Weekly 226 - Building GitHub Actions in C#

We are joined today by Dylan Smith who walks us through building out our own github actions in C# using his new toolkit.

The actions we built:
Test repo:
Source repository:

Monsters Weekly 225 - Azure Blob Lifecycle Rules

Azure Blob Storage supports lifecycle rules which can move your blob between different tiers saving you money. In this episode we cover how to set these rules up by hand and in terraform

Monsters Weekly 223 - Processing CSV files in C#

If you need to process comma separated values in C# then the best tool for the job is CSV Helper

Monsters Weekly 222 - DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6

.NET 6 introduces two new types to represent dates and times separately. In this episode, we explore the DateOnly and TimeOnly types and talk about why they are an important addition to .NET.

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Monsters Weekly 221 - New git commands

In this video we take a look at a couple of new to me git commands which will make your life easier.


Monsters Weekly 220 - Previewing .NET 6 without installing the Preview SDK

There are so many great features in the .NET 6 previews but I don’t want to install the preview SDKs on my main work computer. Let’s take a look at how we can use VS Code Dev Containers to play with the .NET 6 previews without actually installing the preview SDK!

Remote Extension Pack:

.NET SDK Docker Images: