Monsters Weekly 237 - Optimizing Images with WebP

Images make up a substantial part of the bytes downloaded on the average web page. The WebP image format can make a huge difference in payload size. Let’s see how easy it is to improve page speed performance by introducing WebP images while still maintaining compatibility with older browsers with the picture element.

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Monsters Weekly 236 - Interacting with Orchestrations in Azure Durable Functions

Once a Durable Function has started there are often times when you’ll need to access external resources, or intervene manually when the workflow hits a certain point.

In this episode we’ll talk about the first of several detours an orchestration can take, waiting on custom external events before progressing along to completion.

Monsters Weekly 235 - Programming Workflows with Azure Durable Functions

Here’s a quick primer on creating your first Durable Function in Azure Functions. We’ll have a quick look at the payload that is automatically returned in the sample project code, and start to dive into how to make it our own.

We’ll also do a quick peek to see how you might wire that up with a front end.

Monsters Weekly 233 - Getting started with .NET and Kafka

In the last video we looked at streams in Kafka. In this episode we jump into actually getting started using .NET to talk to Kafka.

Monsters Weekly 232 - PeriodicTimer in .NET 6

Why does .NET have 5 version of a Timer class? Because reasons… but don’t worry because .NET 6 adds a 6th version called PeriodTimer. Let’s take a look at the new PeriodTimer API and how it compares to the traditional System.Threading.Timer API.

Monsters Weekly 231 - Azure Container Apps with .NET 6

Azure Container Apps gives us yet another way to deploy containers to Azure. The service is in early previews but we’re going to take it for a test drive here by deploying an ASP.NET Core 6 Minimal APIs to Azure Container Apps. Let’s dive in to see what we like about the service and what we think this will need to be useful in a production setting.

Azure Container Apps -

Monsters Weekly 230 - Introduction to Streams

In this episode we start a series on streams, Kafka and Redis

Monsters Weekly 229 - Where is my Program Main method?

The new project templates in .NET 6 make use of Top Level statements, a feature that was introduced in C#9. The code generated by these new templates looks quite a bit different when compared to .NET 5 and you might be asking yourself ‘Where is my Program Main method!??’. Let’s dig in and find out!

Top-Level Statements -

.NET 6 Project Template Changes -

ILSpy VS Code Extension -

Monsters Weekly 228 - New ASP.NET Minimal Templates

.NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 come with new and, very interesting, project templates. In this video we take a look at the templates and where everything went.

Monsters Weekly 227 - Improved LINQ Methods in .NET 6

In a previous episode, we looked at some new LINQ methods coming to .NET 6 (Chunk, MinBy, MaxBy). There’s even more LINQ goodness coming to .NET 6 with helpful overloads to existing LINQ Methods (FirstOrDefault, SingleOrDefault, LastOrDefault, ElementAtOrDefault, Take, ElementAt).

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