Monsters Weekly 258 - Enforce Node Versions with package.json and GitHub Actions

If you want your node/npm based project to use a specific version of Node and NPM, it’s best to enforce that using the engines setting in package.json. In today’s episode, we do just that with the ASP.NET Monsters blog repo and even configure GitHub Actions to install the correct version onf Node based on the engines specified in package.json.

Changes we made to package.json and our GitHub Actions Workflow:

Volta for integrating with your shell

Monsters Weekly 257 - Generating PDF with Razor

Taking the next step from our last video we incorporate Razor into building PDFs

Monsters Weekly 256 - Generating PDFs in Functions Apps

In this video we’ll look at how to generate PDFs from inside a functions app using

Monsters Weekly 255 - IEnumerable Visualizer in Visual Studio

The new IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer in Visual Studio makes it easy to display (and even export) large collections when debugging your code.

Monsters Weekly 254 - Debugging with Style in Visual Studio

Check out these tips for making it easier to visualize collections (arrays, lists, etc.) in the Visual Studio Debugger.

DebuggerDisplay Attribute -

Monsters Weekly 253 - Virtual Scrollers

Virtual scrollers allow for faster interaction with the DOM by reducing the number of expensive nodes that need to be rendered. You can check out a couple here:

Monsters Weekly 252 - Building a WebComponent

In a previous episode, we looked at how we can use the Template element to reuse a block of HTML. Now, let’s take that a step further and use a few other native browser technologies (Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, and Slots) to build a Web Component.

Shadow DOM -
Custom Elements -
Templates and Slots -

Previous Episode:

Monsters Weekly 251 - Reviewing Contributions to GenFu

We have some outstanding pull requests to the GenFu project. In today’s episode, we take some time to review those PRs and get them merged in.

Monsters Weekly 250 - Command Line Parameter Suggestions with DragonFruit

Hitting tab to suggest a parameter to your console app is made easy with dotnet-suggest and the console API tooling. Join James and Dave as they have a look at getting suggestions running on your dotnet apps.

Thanks to viewer OzBob for this suggestion!

A link to the Lemonade (DrinkStand) project:

Here’s the info you need to install and enable suggestions in your shell: