Monsters Weekly 206 - String or Binary Data Would be Truncated

There are many great evils in the world. I can’t solve most of them but I can help you never have to see String or binary data would be truncated again

Monsters Weekly 205 - Microsoft Identity with Christos Matskas

The Microsoft Identity platform is massive but don’t worry, Christos is here to help us make sense of it all. We talk about what’s new with Microsoft Identity and hear a bit about some of new features that are coming.

Microsoft Identity Platform:



425 Show:

425 Show Discord:

Monsters Weekly 204 - Output Formatters in ASP.NET Core

IOutput Formatters in ASP.NET Core make it easy to format responses differently based on the mime types specified in the request’s Accept header. In this episode, we create a Csv Output Formatter using CsvHelper.

Output Formatters:
Sample Repo:

Monsters Weekly 203 - OzCode Production Debugger

In this episode we take a look at doing production debugging with the OzCode Production Debugger and see how it can be used to debug production problems as they occur.

Monsters Weekly 202 - Securing your Azure Functions

Azure Functions using Bearer token is clumsy. For some auth providers, you can enable App Service Authentication in the Azure Portal but that only works for the deployed version of your app which makes testing locally difficult and clumsy.

In this episode, we look at the AzureFunctions.OidcAuthentication library which makes it easy to validate JWT Tokens from a variety of OIDC providers like Auth0, Azure AD B2C, and Okta.



TwoWeeksReady Sample App:

Monsters Weekly 201 - Avoiding SSL Expiries

Ever accidentally had an SSL certificate expire on you? It’s super embarrassing and, as it turns out, wholly unnecessary. In this episode we take a look at and see how it can help you avoid the expired certificate screen of shame.

Monsters Weekly 199 - Diagnosing ASP.NET Core Startup Issues in Azure App Service

Have you ever deployed an ASP.NET Core web app to Azure App Service and received the dreaded ‘HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure’ error. Well then this video is for you. Fortunately App Service Diagnostics provides some useful tools for digging into those errors and actually getting to the root of the problem.

Monsters Weekly 198 - MassTransit with Chris Patterson

In today’s episode we chat with Chris Patterson, leader of the open source project MassTransit framework.
Topics covered in this episode:

  • Software ‘-ilities’
  • The importance of idempotency
  • Taylor swift
  • Messaging concepts, message brokers
  • Burgers and dipping fries in your Frosty
  • Crafting durable messages
  • A bit of the history of MassTransit

Chris’s YouTube Series:

Monsters Weekly 197 - Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2019

In this episode we’re going to have another look at code snippets, but this time in Visual Studio 2019.

Snippets are a great way to tackle repetitive coding tasks, and you can use them creatively to implement large blocks of code quickly, removing friction from the process of building out features.

You can visit the Microsoft Docs site to navigate some of the template functions and the schema reference here:

Monsters Weekly 196 - Visual Studio Code Snippets

Snippets let you build out small, expressive, macros to rapidly add content to your files in Visual Studio Code. In this video we’ll cover how to add your own snippets for your project.