Monsters Weekly 263 - Postgresql and Entity Framework

Entity Framework dives many of today’s most popular applications. Using EF with PostgreSQL is a snap! Checkout how in this video.

Monsters Weekly 262 - Getting Started with PostgreSQL in C#

In this video we’ll start looking at how to use the PostgreSQL database from C#. We’ve previously looked a bit at PostgreSQL on azure and you can watch that here:

Monsters Weekly 261 - Ignoring files in git without the .gitignore

Ever wanted to hide a file in git but don’t want to make it global by adding it to the .gitignore? Simon has you covered!

Monsters Weekly 259 - Faster Azure DevOps Pipelines

Speed up your Azure DevOps Pipelines! By combining Shallow Fetch and turning off the Sync Tags option you can dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to fetch your git repo.


Monsters Weekly 260 - Postgres on Azure

SQL server isn’t the only database available on Azure. We can also use a really nice managed instance of postgresql.

Monsters Weekly 258 - Enforce Node Versions with package.json and GitHub Actions

If you want your node/npm based project to use a specific version of Node and NPM, it’s best to enforce that using the engines setting in package.json. In today’s episode, we do just that with the ASP.NET Monsters blog repo and even configure GitHub Actions to install the correct version onf Node based on the engines specified in package.json.

Changes we made to package.json and our GitHub Actions Workflow:

Volta for integrating with your shell

Monsters Weekly 257 - Generating PDF with Razor

Taking the next step from our last video we incorporate Razor into building PDFs

Monsters Weekly 256 - Generating PDFs in Functions Apps

In this video we’ll look at how to generate PDFs from inside a functions app using

Monsters Weekly 255 - IEnumerable Visualizer in Visual Studio

The new IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer in Visual Studio makes it easy to display (and even export) large collections when debugging your code.