Monsters Weekly 166 - Staged Rollouts with Microsoft.FeatureManagement

Scaling Azure Functions from Consumption Plan to Premium Plan (and back again)

In this post, we use the az cli to move an Azure Function app from a Consumption Plan to a Premium Plan (and back again).

Monsters Weekly 165 - WaitAndRetry with Polly

Monsters Weekly 164 - Using Feature Filters in Microsoft.FeatureManagement

Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI

The az command line interface (cli) is a powerful tool for creating, modifying and deploying to Azure resources. Since it's a cli AND cross platform, it's also a great tool for automating your deployments. In this post, we'll use the az cli to deploy a static site to Azure.

Azure App Configuration Expired Token

I moved one of the products I help maintain over to using Azure’s excellent App Configuration tool. But one of the other developers on the team started to have problems with it. When loading the configuration in Azure Functions they got an error: The access token has expired

Monsters Weekly 163 - Getting Started with Feature Flags