Monsters Weekly 272 - Playwright and Azure Pipelines

Playwright and Azure Pipelines work well together. Let’s see how easy it is to run Playwright tests in an Azure Pipeline then view the test results along with attached screenshots, videos, and trace files.

Monsters Weekly 271 - Hierarchy Ids in Entity Framework

In this video we learn about how to use the new Hierarchy Id in Entity Framework 8

Monsters Weekly 270 - Entity Framework JSON Columns

Entity framework has support as of EF7 for JSON column types. Is this a good idea? Should you use it and if you do how do you use it? All questions will be answered in this video.

Monsters Weekly 269 - Entity Framework Bulk Update

In a triumphant return we start taking a look at all the cool new stuff in .NET that I’ve been missing while writing a bunch of Ruby code. Today we look at a feature of Entity Framework I’ve been missing the ability to bulk update and bulk delete. This came with EF7 but that’s still new to me.

Monsters Weekly 268 - GitHub Actions to Azure, without secrets!

Did you know that you can deploy your application to Azure using GitHub Actions without having to manage service principal secret credentials! In this episode, Monster Dave converts an existing GitHub Actions workflow to use OIDC based authentication with Azure Workload Identity Federation.


Monsters Weekly 267 - Updating Legacy ASP.NET Applications

There are a lot of legacy ASP.NET applications out there. In this video we start looking at how we can update them

Monsters Weekly 266 - Time Series Data with Postgres

We’re exploring time series data on Postgres and to get started we need to get the proper extensions set up on our Azure instance. Let’s mash on that.

Monsters Weekly 265 - Suggest Code Changes in Azure DevOps Pull Requests

Did you know you can suggesting and apply code changes directly in an Azure DevOps pull requests! Use this simple feature to cut down on the time it takes to make small changes to a pull request in Azure DevOps

Monsters Weekly 263 - Postgresql and Entity Framework

Entity Framework dives many of today’s most popular applications. Using EF with PostgreSQL is a snap! Checkout how in this video.