Monsters Weekly 200e - Conversations with Scott Hunter

Over the last decade as Monsters we’ve been so fortunate to connect with so many great people in the industry. In this 5 part series leading up to episode 200 we reconnect with some of the visionaries, teachers, mentors and community members who have inspired us along the way.

Join us as we talk to Scott and talk about his time so far at Microsoft, including his journey through the early days on bringing .NET Core to fruition. Did you know it was a four year trek away from the history of the .NET Framework and into open source? Today Microsoft is one of the largest open source contributors on the planet.

As a Director at Microsoft, Scott oversees a team of more than 60 people which ultimately work on products you know - .NET and Java - and that serve over 5 million customers directly.

And for those who ever feel discouraged when they hear ‘no’, just remember that Scott was not successful in his first job application at Microsoft but today gets to play an incredible part in a dynamic and journeyed story.

Follow Scott on the Twitters: @coolcsh