Monsters Weekly 200d - Conversations with Nik Molar

Over the last decade as Monsters we’ve been so fortunate to connect with so many great people in the industry. In this 5 part series leading up to episode 200 we reconnect with some of the visionaries, teachers, mentors and community members who have inspired us along the way.

This was a great conversation where we travelled from pressing issues such as the origin of peanuts in chocolate bars, to ‘meat space’, to the humbling experience of being a project manager and the amazing evolution of product development based on a deep and sincere conversation with end users.

Nik first crossed our paths working on a tool called Glimpse about a decade ago. Glimpse helped MVC developers understand better what was going on server-side in their applications, the ‘F12 Developer Tools’ of the server, so to speak. That began a wild ride from Glimpse, to RedGate, to Application Insights, to working with the WC3, working alongside others in the early days of Open Analytics to his current role at Microsoft.

Working on CodeSpaces now for about the last two years, Nik brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a track record of impressive contributions to the open source community and in helping other developers.