The Monsters Weekly - Episode 55 - Jeffrey Palermo on Moving the Business to ASP.NET Core

Shiny new things are shiny and new! ...but that kind of argument isn't going to win you management over when you explain to them that you need to take your team offline for the next 6 months while you rewrite the app on ASP.NET Core.

But! There will be a right time for your team, and likely a right approach, too. Join special guest Jeffrey Palermo with Monsters Simon and James as they mash on the finer points of making the move to .NET Core. In this episode, they talk about the pitfalls you might run into, some safe approaches you can take and tips that will help you along the way as you focus on features instead of technology. 

Do you have questions about when or if it's right for your team? Ask us in the comments below!

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