Summer of Config

Announcing the ASP.NET Monsters “Summer of Config” Contest

Awwwyeah, here it is, the next contest brought to you by the ASP.NET Monsters. We have some great prizes and we're sure hoping that you can have a lot of fun, even if you don't cash in with the win.

The Summer of Config is all about creating the wackiest, most insane configuration provider that you can dream up. We want you jammin’ on the ASP.NET Core code, bringing us your questions, experimenting with the code and seeing your creativity. BRING IT ON!

We Got You Some Rules

There are a few things that we need you to do in order for your entry to qualify:

  1. Fork from our repo on GitHub and add your own config source
  2. Write your code! We’re looking for non-sensical, exuberance and hilarity
  3. Tweet out “Hey @aspnetmonsters, I can config #aspnetcore from [your crazy source]” with a link to your repo
  4. Complete this form to give us your contact details for when you win
  5. All entries must be emailed and tweeted by Aug 30th at 7:56 PM Central. Not a minute late!
  6. We are leaving it to you to determine if you can/should enter based on the rules of your nation or state or nation state or province or territory.

How to Win

We will unashamedly give bonus points for physical interaction, so if you have to throw a switch on your desk, or go to a GPS location, or open a window, or brush your teeth to change the config of your website… #winning

Impress us with your videos. If you can either screen cap and walk us through, or video yourself changing the config in some way, that would be hella-cool. This is not a requirement, but we’d love it if you did!

** Be creative with your source** of configuration: arduino, coffee maker, Tardis. The sky and continuum of time are your limits!

Special consideration will be given for solutions that run x-plat, meaning, not requiring full framework to run.

If you’re looking for an example, check out The ASP.NET Monsters Episode 50 for a walkthrough of the sample implementation.

Up For Grabs

Hey, we don’t want you to do this for nothing! We are going to evaluate every entry that comes our way and we’ll pick a few to feature on the show. We have two prize packs to give away, totaling over $3500.

First Prize

  • Telerik DevCraft Complete + one year support and update subscription
  • An ASP.NET Monsters t-shirt and stickers
  • Some cool swag from Microsoft
  • Additional cool swag with swaggerness from the ASP.NET Core team in Redmond (that has swagger)
  • Appear on the Monsters Weekly live to walk through your solution

Second Place

  • Telerik DevCraft Complete + one year support and update subscription
  • Some groovy ASP.NET Monsters stickers
  • A signed photo of Jon Galloway
  • Your solution featured in an Episode of the Monsters Weekly

A huge thank you goes out to our friends at Telerik, the ASP.NET Core team as well Microsoft Canada for their support of this contest. You guys are making the fun more awesomer.


Be sure to catch our show on Channel 9 for more details and announcements over the summer!

Go on, click that banner. Look at those Monsters. They want you to just click on them.