Grrr, Rowr - The Monsters are Here

The ASP.NET Monsters are here to explain everything they know about ASP.NET Core and the new version of the MVC Framework, known as ASP.NET Core MVC. Once or so per week Dave, James and Simon publish a new, short video about some aspect of in their own, monstrous, style.

Watch the Videos

Our latest videos are available on the youtube and we try to publish a new one every Monday.

Our earlier monsterific videos are hosted on Channel 9, and you can view the entire list here, or start watching from the beginning below.

Meet The Monsters.

David Paquette

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Dave is a passionate, hands-on software developer who enjoys building quality software that solves real-world problems. Dave has many years of experience in developing software for financial, agricultural and energy companies where he has specialized in .NET and web development. He has led the development of several commercial products and internal systems. This wide range of experience has helped to cultivate his pragmatic approach to solving technical and business problems. Dave enjoys staying on top of the latest technologies, and in his spare time has built and published a number of web and phone apps.

Dave is a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET/IIS and has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. He is active the software community, presenting at local events and conferences and contributing to open source projects. He enjoys blogging frequently at and contributes regularly to the MSDN Canadian Developer Connection blog.

James Chambers

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James Chambers is a senior software developer who pulls no punches when talking about the tech he works with on a daily basis. His presentations are founded in his daily experiences from the trenches, but he keeps things moving fast and relatable. Employed at Inventive on a team of awesome-makers, he has a passion for mentoring other developers, aged 10 to 99, and recently published Bootstrapping MVC (LeanPub, 2014). James is lucky husband, proud father and active in the community raising funds to alleviate poverty, provide clean drinking water to children and to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. But wait, there is more! James is also a baker at Chez Angela where he claims to have used $40 000 in butter last year.

Simon Timms

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Simon Timms hates writing biographies. He would much rather be setting up more talks for the Calgary .NET User Group where he acts as president and speaks several times a year. There is rumor that instead of writing bios in years gone by he has done development for various companies around Calgary and spent several years running a large build system which gives him a passion for DevOps. While writing this bio he was distracted by an e-mail from the MVP mailing list where he is entering his 5th year. He almost didn’t get back to finishing this bio but he had to wait for a DNS update to where he blogs semi-regularly.